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Hand Knotted Cirus Grey Rug by Gan Rugs

The Cirus rug hides, behind its seemingly classical succession of frets, a nebulous bewilderment. Its color seems to fade at random because it is made with tie-dyed threads, a method in which textiles are tied when being colored, applied in this case to individual wool threads.

This method causes the strands to change color and creates gradients. Created by GAN’s in-house design team, Cirus is available in two sizes that are knotted manually using 100% wool.

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  • Color: Grey, Natural
  • Materials: 100 % Wool
The hand-knotted technique is a manual rug-making method that allows for extremely detailed designs, precisely because rugs are made knot by knot. It is a very laborious technique and, consequently, it offers great flexibility. Bearing this peculiarity in mind, we at GAN create hand-knotted designs with both uniform patterns as well as with an apparent randomness.

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