Nuances Curve Volcano Rug by Gan Rugs

This is the Curve Volcano rug from the Nuances collection, a design with a dynamic combination of straight and curved stripes, made with a special type of felt designed by Patricia Urquiola and GAN. It is an innovative material that simulates a stony texture, reminiscent of granite, which can be made in a variety of shades. This model combines a large grey area with stripes in raw wool, orange beige, blue and charcoal grey, subtly ornamented with hand-embroidered seams in viscose. This rug can be completed with a matching pouf in the same colors, or it can be extended by pairing it with the Line Volcano or Round Volcano rugs.


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  • Color: Charcoal, Black, Blue, Grey, Natural, Orange
  • Materials:
The Nuances collection is an innovative proposal by designer Patricia Urquiola for GAN, not only because of its impressive aesthetics, but also because it reinvents an exceptionally versatile, warm and malleable material such as felt. So much so, that the starting point of this collection was to achieve an agglomerate material that would allow wool fibers to be recycled, developing a type of felt with a novel look that could be made in an artisanal way. Nuances was developed, from the beginning, with a sustainability goal in mind, aiming at reusing and giving a second life to leftover materials from other productions, which would otherwise end in landfill or damage the environment. The stony character of the Nuances collection is the result of research carried out by Patricia Urquiola. The designer devised three geometric rug designs that come in different formats and can be linked with each other to create compositions of large dimensions - even on vertical planes. Complementing the rugs, large matching poufs create an apparent continuous three-dimensionality to the design, with sinuous volumes as if it were a natural landscape. GAN spaces are collections meticulously constructed from innovative concepts and artisanal production methods. Suggestive proposals that, stemming from a rug, are capable of bringing to life a whole family of modules and accessories with which to design an environment or “space”. A set of designs linked together, designed to project stimulating and contemporary atmospheres with an open, flexible and casual configuration.

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