ROOTS 02 rug by Gan Rugs

ROOTS Rug 02 rug by Gan Rugs, designed by Inma Bermúdez. Inspired by Mediterranean roots, the Roots 02 rug is the second version in which the shape of the square creates a repeating pattern. The design is represented under the fabric and the neutral tones of jute with a slight variation in color.

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  • Estimated Delivery Time: Estimated delivery time 60 days
  • Color: Sand
  • Materials: 85% Yute 15% cotton
ROOTS is the result of the collaboration of two looks predestined to meet. The designer shares with GAN not only her predilection for close and functional pieces, but also for the Mediterranean essence. Four kilim models make up the ROOTS series, woven with jute weft and cotton warp. An absolutely vegetal character that is not at odds with sobriety or sensory warmth.  In this collection, GAN and Inma Bermúdez come together to create a collection of contemporary crafts that praises the laborious work of weavers and embodies a necessary return to the essential.

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