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Hand Knotted Round Mirage Blue Rug by Gan Rugs

Round Mirage Blue rug by Gan Rugs, designed by Patricia Urquiola. The rug continues the exploration begun with the designer’s iconic Mirage series. Optical illusions in motion are depicted in these New Zealand wool rugs.


  • Estimated Delivery Time: Estimated delivery time 60 days
  • Color: Black, Blue, Green
  • Materials: 100% New Zealand Wool
Patricia Urquiola, the designer of this collection, challenges again our perception with the Round Mirage carpet series. Inspired by the geometry and movement of Op Art, they propose an atypical contour arising from the superimposition of the square and the circle. They are made with 100% New Zealand wool, which gives softness and a pleasant feel to the rugs. The technique used for their manufacture is hand-knotted, a laborious way in which the pieces are knotted by hand.

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