Canevas Geo Rug Green by Gan Rugs

This is the Green model from the Canevas Geo collection, a rug with an asymmetrical cut and a design based on overlapping color schemes. It is made by hand on a light green felt base, by embroidering stitches in multiple directions with white, medium green and dark green wools. Depending on the density and orientation of the stitches, the patterns intermingle, offering different effects. Thanks to its coloring and varying embroidery densities, its design evokes cultivated fields, as seen from an aerial perspective.


  • Estimated Delivery Time: Estimated delivery time 60 days
  • Color: Green, Grey, White
  • Materials: 100% new wool
Canevas Geo is a completely different application of the possibilities offered by this technique, devised by Belgian designer Charlotte Lancelot for her Canevas collection, a contemporary revision of cross-stitching in which the pattern is embroidered on a perforated felt base using thick threads of colored wool. It is a series composed of rugs and cushions, made by Indian artisans using 100% virgin wool. GAN spaces are collections meticulously constructed from innovative concepts and artisanal production methods. Suggestive approaches that, stemming from a rug, are capable of bringing to life a whole family of modules and accessories with which to design an environment or “space”. A set of designs linked together, designed to project stimulating and contemporary atmospheres with an open, flexible and casual configuration.

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