Carmine Telares rug by Nanimarquina

Designed by the nanimarquina team, the Telares Carmine rug is made from 100% Afghan wool, a hand-spun fiber from sheep native to Afghanistan. The technique used for the production of this rug is called Hand Loomed Kilim and allows working with yarns of different thicknesses, resulting in a flat weave rug. From the combination of the techniques used in kilims and typical dhurries, a unique play of textures and rhythm has been created through the variation and pressure of the fibers.

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  • Materials: 100 % Wool
  • Color: Red
Carmine Telares Rug belongs to the TELARES collection of Nanimarquina. This collection is the result of constant research into the possibilities offered by hand weaving. The changes in the patern, born from the tension applied between warp and weft, give the rug an aspect full of nuances, evoking the most primary manual work; the insistent process of trial and error of the craftsman from which magical results emerge. Telares have required a lot of preliminary work and prototyping to find the desired texture. Available in 5 colors, each model seeks a play of contrasts with the combination of the characteristic natural color of Afghan wool with a contrasting tone. The result is a looser than usual kilim with curved shapes, unlike traditional kilims that are usually geometric and straight. Its rustic appearance and the irregularities of the wool result in a unique rug in which the beauty and authenticity of the craftsmanship can be appreciated. Its curly bangs stand out.

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