Catania Rug by GAN Rugs

The Catania rug is one of the kilims designed by Sandra Figuerola for GAN Rugs. Here she proposes intentional asymmetry, combining three totally different patterns in this kilim design.

Thus, the piece is framed by a stripe of rhombuses and two stripes of black lines of different densities, reminiscent of those secondary designs often present in antique floors. It is available in three sizes.

Desde £330.74

  • Materials: 100 % Wool
This is the Catania rug from GAN Rugs kilim collection, designed by Sandra Figuerola and inspired by recurring tile patterns, very present in the culture of the Mediterranean basin. It is a piece with moderate graphics but intensely colorful, with a protagonist presence of the color red. Traditional kilim with an innovative, contemporary design. This lively, colourful geometric kilim evokes red wine, the autumn harvest by the sea and the scent of flowers.  A succession of borders and garlands decorate your home with oriental flavours and volcanic colours. Modernity and tradition for a tapestry that is both intense and delicate.

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