Chillida Gravitación 1994 Rug By Nanimarquina

Designed by Nani Marquina, the Gravitación 1994 rug is a tribute to Eduardo Chillida; an approach to art. It is made of 57% New Zealand wool and 43% silk, quality fibers with a cruelty-free guarantee. The technique used to make this rug is called Hand Knotted and allows the making of a manual weave made on a vertical loom where the thread is strongly attached to the warp by means of knots.


  • Estimated Delivery Time: Estimated shipping time 3 to 8 days.
  • Color: Cream
  • Material: 57% New Zealand Wool 43% Silk
  • Dimensions: 250 × 276 cm
"The Chillida Gravitación 1994 Carpet belongs to the CHILLIDA collection by Nanimarquina. A collection based on a chronological selection of the artist's pictorial works, from the Human Figure of 1948, through the Ink drawing of 1957 and the Collage work of 1966 that reflect the work process prior to his best-known work, the Peine del viento de San Sebastián. The artistic work of Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) currently represents one of the greatest exponents of the plastic arts of the second half of the 20th century. It also includes a drawing of his famous hands: Hand of the nineties and the work of Gravitation from 1994 where he created a new form of relief, a sculptural relief made with paper. All this work has been translated into rugs with the utmost accuracy, all of them handmade and using various techniques and different materials such as wool, silk, mohair, to give textures and show the essence of his work and offer the value that they deserve The Indo Nepal knot technique is used, a hand knotting technique in which to obtain this type of knot and work faster, the craftsman uses a rod where he rolls the fiber that he subsequently cuts and the cut is obtained. pile (cut hair) or loop pile (loop)."

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