Hand Knotted Hidraulic Multi Rug by Gan Rugs

This is our Hidraulic rug, inspired by the patterns of modernist hydraulic floor tiles. Its faded surface looks like authentic old flooring that has worn away with time. It is made manually, knot by knot, with 100% wool in a predominantly blue color scheme.

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  • Estimated Delivery Time: Estimated shipping time 3 to 8 days.
  • Color: Navy Blue, Grey, Natural, Yellow
  • Materials: 100 % Wool
The hand-knotted technique is a manual rug-making method that allows for extremely detailed designs, precisely because rugs are made knot by knot. It is a very laborious technique and, consequently, it offers great flexibility. Bearing this peculiarity in mind, we at GAN create hand-knotted designs with both uniform patterns as well as with an apparent randomness. Because of the density of its design, this piece is especially suitable for neutral floors, where it stands out. An interesting twist, as hydraulic floors emerged precisely to imitate the flourishes in traditional rugs. Hidraulic was created by the internal design team at GAN, and it is available in three sizes.

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