Kilim Diamond Nude-Petrol Rug by GAN Rugs

This is the nude and petrol Diamond rug, one of the kilims designed by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN Rugs. A design inspired by the faceted sides of a diamond, from which the overlays of geometric figures emerge with different degrees of opacity and translucency.

The design also features an unusual format, in the shape of an octagon. The Diamond Nude-Petrol kilim is available in three sizes. The series also includes two other models in different colors: Blue-Green and Pink-Yellow.

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  • Materials:
  • Color: Beige, Black, Blue
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Estimated delivery time 60 days
The Diamond kilims are made with recycled PET fibers, so they can be used in both indoor or outdoor spaces. These fibers, although they come from plastic materials, are soft to the touch and are so light that they can be manipulated in the handmade looms that are used to manufacture kilim-type rugs. This is a sustainable production method, which gives a new life to plastic waste, transforming it into innovative and spectacular designs. The kilim is a traditional technique from ancient times. Generations of craftsmen have perfected the kilim technique, from nomadic tribes to the more established Asian cultures. This fully handmade and artisanal kilim is light and comfortable and, whether it is hot or cold, it dresses up the floor of your home in taupe and red wool. Fully reversible, you can turn it over if you prefer. More than just a decorative rug, this is a pure new wool kilim that is light and practical, designed with a pattern of ethnic shapes reminiscent of their tribal origin.

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