Losanges 2 Rug By Nanimarquina

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the Losanges 2 rug is made from 100% hand-spun Afghan wool. It is a kilim rug with an asymmetrical cut and a brightly colored rhombus design. The technique used to make this rug is called Hand Loomed and allows working with threads of different thicknesses and origins. The kilim is a high-density, durable and resistant carpet.

Desde £2,459.73

  • Estimated Delivery Time: 290 × 410 cm, Estimated shipping time 3 to 8 days.
  • Color: Black, White
  • Material: 100% Hand-Spun Afghan Wool
"The Losanges 2 Rug belongs to the LOSANGES collection by Nanimarquina. A collection where the Bouroullec brothers continue their research into simplicity and elegance. This is the reinterpretation of the traditional Persian rug made with the ancient technique of kilim. Of great technical difficulty, the Losanges collection requires great skill since it involves combining 13 colors through the geometric shape of the rhombus, a great challenge for the artisans of northern Pakistan. In addition to being made by hand, the wool of Afghan origin is spun by hand, which allows colors to stand out in unique shades that make each diamond different and each rug a unique piece. In this technique, the wool is manipulated with a gun-like tool with which the threads are injected onto a fabric previously stretched on a frame. Finally, a fabric is applied as a lining, giving it a quality finish, with high density and durability. To achieve this, nanimarquina and Hahn intensively studied the specifics of the Kilim weaving technique in search of new ways to distribute color. "

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