Mangas Original Rectangular mr1 Rug by GAN Rugs

This textured rug in natural colours turns your hallway into a pathway of comfort. A bespoke rug for interior living spaces. Soft wool woven into blocks of pale colours, with an innovative design that wraps your home up in textured hand-knitted sweaters that fit snugly along your hallways, making your home feel warm and cosy.

It is available in two sizes and its format is rectangular but slightly rounded on one side. It combines earth tones with a couple of notes of color in yellow and turquoise.

Desde £1,330.17

  • Materials: 100% new wool
Patricia Urquiola took as aesthetic reference the classic knitted wool sweater, to design a collection with lots of volume that could combine different textures. From there arose not only a whole line of rugs, inspired by the sweater’s sleeves, but also a series of poufs of original formats. Mangas Original Rectangular MR1 Rug from GAN has exclusive rectangular design, designed to provide a modern touch in the halls of your home, with its rectangular design that will bring more personality to your rooms. It is distributed in blocks of different colors with pale colors, grey, red and green. The designer has chosen a natural texture, soft new wool that brings warmth to any area where you decide to place.

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