Vegetal Garnet Rug By Nanimarquina

Designed by Nani Marquina and Ariadna Miquel, the Garnet Vegetable Rug is made of jute (100%), a 100% biodegradable and recyclable fiber. The technique used to make this rug is called Hand Loomed Dhurrie and allows the design of a flat structure formed from the intersection between the weft and the warp. They are thin and light rugs that usually have geometric patterns, as well as firm, resistant and without knots.

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  • Color: Red
  • Material: 100 % Yute
"The Garnet Vegetal Rug belongs to the VEGETAL collection by Nanimarquina. A collection that represents the essence of nature, woven manually with a biodegradable fiber such as jute, rustic and soft. These are basic rugs that evoke many feelings. The Vegetal rug is available in five different shades: Natural, Brown, Greenish grey, Black & Garnet. This hand-spun fiber is chosen because it is biodegradable, light as well as resistant but, above all, because it connects with the brand's passion for nature. The beauty of this flat-woven collection in India lies in the irregularities generated by the crossing of the fibers and their different thicknesses, but also in the shades of the beige, ivory or off-white fibres. It is a high quality dhurrie made in India with jute, a flexible and 100% biodegradable material. These rugs will help you create cozy and comfortable environments. "

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