The tablecloths you need for this 2022

Trends that will bring nature into your home and put the finishing touches to your modern rustic home.

This year is full of trends in decoration. The rustic style is gaining ground with elements that evoke simplicity with a traditional touch, neutral tones, a minimalist touch and a lot of warmth. These trends are here to stay and can be applied not only to table linen but to all home textiles. The important thing is that there is always a special element that brings personality to the space.

Neutral tones such as white, beige and gray are still in vogue this season. However, this year they will have to share some of their prominence with more intense colors and prints of all kinds. 

Nature connection

Despite the arrival of colors and prints to home textiles, it is still important to maintain an air of calm at home. A relaxed atmosphere that brings relaxation and does not break the balance.

In table linen, environmentally friendly textiles and natural aesthetics are in fashion. Tablecloths with colors, patterns and textures that go hand in hand with the latest trends of 2022.

Striped designs

These tablecloths with striped design fit perfectly with the rustic, modern and cozy atmosphere we were talking about before. A proposal that advocates simplicity and tradition. 

Our striped tablecloths represent that comfortable warmth. At GIRONES HOME we have adapted this trend to different patterns and colors in our Zen Maude, Viti and Mavi models.

All to green

An approach to nature. And not only as a reference to the natural, but we are talking about green as a color in textiles. Green appears with powdered tones to give an effect of calm, serenity and freshness, especially if we opt for soft shades. 

It doesn’t mean that we have to give up intense colors, but they should be applied in moderation. As an example, our Zen Vintage Toile Green Tablecloth, which combines olive green with neutral tones to give a different and energetic touch.

Animal prints

Another ode to the natural, animals. This season they come in all possible forms, either with small touches or in a big way. In table linen textiles they appear in the form of fun prints where animals are at the center of the design, as in our Zen Dog Show Tablecloth

Undoubtedly, for this 2022 the star will be exotic animals. This trend shows the natural beauty of animals with explosive colors, textures and patterns. An example of this is our Zen Sabana Animal Tablecloth, with illustrations of animals brought from the African savannah.

Flowers and more flowers

This season flowers are back to bring a vintage touch to your modern rustic style home. Floral prints will continue to be present in our living rooms. In GIRONES HOME, following the trend of vintage flowers we bet on two of our best sellers of the floral table linen collection: the Zen Florence Tablecloth and the Grand Floral Tablecloth.

Undoubtedly, a must-have for this season.

Mini geometric patterns

Another trend that is emerging with less strength is geometric prints. However, experts say that these motifs will become mini in 2022. A bet that, in small doses, can create spaces with character and personality. The trick is to know how to combine colors and figures to achieve a successful visual result that does not hinder the balance of your home. Our Thira Tablecloth is proof of this.

There is no doubt that interior decoration brings us this 2022 a very pure connection with nature. Vibrant colors, textures and patterns that represent the beauty of nature.

Of course, no matter how much we let ourselves be inspired by trends, the most important thing is to bet on our own creativity. The goal is to create spaces that you feel connected to and that can tell a story, your story. Because there is no place like home.

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