GoGreen, sustainable curtains in recycled cotton and polyester inspired by the Mediterranean Sea

New collection of sustainable curtains made with polyester from recycled bottles (PET) and cotton from reused fabrics.

Visualise yourself transported to your favourite beach from your bedroom at home. You feel the sea breeze coming through your window, the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sun, the sand on your feet. That is the essence of our GoGreen curtains collection, soft tones and tranquillity. An ode to our land, the Mediterranean coast.

The collection is made up of 6 colours that evoke the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the ocean. Sensations that inevitably transport us to our home.

Colours of the GoGreen Collection

Curtains are a very important element to give the final touch to any room. If you have a large window with lots of natural light, now is the time to choose a curtain to create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Light and fresh, the curtains of the GoGreen collection will make your window look much more elegant.

Their fabric, without being sheer, has the necessary transparency to allow the light to pass through and maintain a bright and clear atmosphere in the room. They are vaporous curtains with a very fresh finish, as they are made from recycled cotton and polyester.

Their neutral tones will allow you to create a natural and casual look. You can choose between the different tones of the collection depending on whether you prefer a warm touch or, on the contrary, you prefer to give a fresher air to the room.

GoGreen Collection – GIRONES HOME

Sustainable production process

The curtains of the GoGreen collection are made of recycled polyester from PET bottles (50%) and cotton from reused fabrics (50%), fabrics that absorb heat and humidity very well.

The manufacturing process that is followed for the making and elaboration of the curtains goes through a sustainable and environmentally friendly process. GoGreen is GIRONES’ commitment to sustainable fabrics and the environment.

Protecting our natural resources and reducing the accumulation of plastic waste in the oceans and textile waste is of vital importance. Our sustainable brand GoGreen uses recycled, soft and strong fabrics.


Recycled cotton and polyester

Recycled cotton is considered one of the most sustainable fibres. Using recycled cotton in the manufacture of these curtains is a way of giving life to tons of fabric scraps that are discarded in the textile industry. In addition, it is a chemical-free process that is beneficial for the planet and for people.

Using recycled polyester fibre from bottles saves natural resources and reduces the amount of waste in the oceans and seas. The waste, once recycled and melted, is reprocessed into polyester fibre (PET).


At GIRONES HOME we continue to work on the incorporation of new collections made with sustainable fabrics that care for our planet. The GoGreen curtains collection is just the beginning of a great project. Neutral tones that are inspired by the Mediterranean coast of the east, its beaches and its sea. Warm, stylish and sustainable. Because sometimes, the secret lies in simplicity.

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