Spring trend: New Zen Colors collection in pastel shades made from recycled cotton

Vibrant colors with a springtime feel, this is the new sustainable collection made from recycled cotton fibers by GIRONES HOME.

In GIRONES HOME we welcome spring with the launch of a very special new collection. A collection under the name Zen Colors that has meant a change in the philosophy of the brand, the step to a more sustainable and respectful production with the planet.🌎🌿

This year’s spring trends fall on textiles. Spaces in neutral tones and decorated with natural materials, where the touch of color is provided by textiles. The Colors collection represents this trend and brings life to the table with plain colors such as blue, green, red and pearl gray.

Zen Colors Collection by GIRONES HOME

Colección Zen Colors🌈

Zen Colors is color, joy, simplicity and sustainability. Oilcloth tablecloths made in Spain and elaborated with recycled cotton fibers that provide a soft touch to the fabric and a unique elegance.

For its manufacture, cotton is shredded and mixed with other fibers to improve its strength. In this way, a new 100% reused fabric with the same characteristics as conventional cotton is obtained.

In GIRONES HOME we care about having a sustainable production, that is why our recycled cotton collection has the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® seal. This certificate guarantees a manufacturing process of the tablecloth free of harmful substances or substances that may be harmful to health.


Benefits of recycled cotton ♻️

One of the most important values that we defend in GIRONES HOME is sustainability. We are committed to offer products that have been manufactured respecting the environment and protecting people.

The Colors Collection is our first collection of oilcloth tablecloths made in Spain from recycled cotton. Recycled cotton is also often referred to as reused cotton, regenerated cotton or reclaimed cotton.

During the textile recycling process, cotton waste is first sorted by type and color and then processed through machines that break the yarns and fabric into smaller pieces before being separated into fiber. The last step is to blend the fibers and spin them into new yarns.

It sounds like a simple process, but it takes time. However, the use of recycled cotton can lead to significant savings in natural resources, reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and reduced pollution.

For all this, in GIRONES HOME we join this important initiative of sustainability, emphasizing the sustainable production of our stain-resistant tablecloths.

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