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Discover our fabric outlets by the metre made in cotton, linen and polyester for upholstery, curtains and cushions

If you are thinking of giving your living room, bedroom or any piece of furniture in your home a makeover, you can choose to change the pattern or look of your textiles. Renewing the fabrics of your furniture can give a total change to the style of your home. You can continue to enjoy your comfortable sofa, your old chairs, your favourite armchair or the headboard of your bed but with a different look.

Fabrics by the metre are a great way to create totally personalised spaces. It may be time to bring out your creative side and start creating special pieces that give your home a personal touch.

Whether it’s because of wear and tear or because they’re crying out for a change, it’s time to look for new fabrics that fit your style. Update your textiles, upholster, make new curtains to measure, be creative and mix and match!

At GIRONES HOME you can find our fabrics by the metre section with a wide range of fabrics, prints, colours and styles (our fabrics have a width of 140 cm).

Find the fabric that inspires you the most to create and start your sewing project to renovate your home. 

The importance of choosing the perfect fabric

There are millions of fabrics and textiles, like fish in the sea. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the perfect fabric for every need. If what you want are vaporous and very translucent curtains, sheer fabrics are the best option, although you can always opt for a thicker cotton or linen fabric if you want to make thicker curtains.

Using soft and pleasant textiles will add texture to the room. Linen curtains for your bedroom will look beautiful and elegant.

Fabric Outlets by GIRONES HOME

Sheer fabric for a dreamy curtains

In our fabric outlets you can find 4 different models of sheers that are included in two delicate collections: Poppies and Hummingbirds.

This type of fabrics are ideal for making semi-translucent curtains, and their prints are perfect for any children’s or youth room.



Decorative cotton and linen fabrics

You may have a living room that you love from the first minute, because of its distribution, its large windows or its decoration. It has a huge potential but there is something wrong with it, maybe it is an old-fashioned aesthetic or the lack of texture in the textiles. With a simple change in the fabrics of your sofa, your chairs, your armchair or your curtains, you will achieve a radical change that will give your living room back the elegance it deserves.

At GIRONES HOME we have a wide variety of fabrics by the metre for upholstery, curtains and cushion covers. A wide range of fabrics, colours, prints and materials, ranging from the most timeless designs such as tartan, to the latest trends in fashion and home decoration.

No matter the style of your home, we help you find the perfect fabric for every corner.

Farmhouse style: country and rural essence

Country, rustic and chic, that’s the Farmhouse style. A style that mixes tradition and trend and that is now re-emerging with an original touch. Tartan checks are the must of this decorative style, which is always based on white and beige, often complemented with contrasting colours such as turquoise, red or orange.

Without a doubt, if you want to create a homely feel in your living room, these are the textiles for you.


Exotic Paradise: nature at its purest

Perhaps because of the sense of freedom it conveys or because of its elegance, the bird print is our favourite. With it you can create romantic atmospheres that inspire beauty and nature.

Bird fabrics fit perfectly with many styles: French, British, tropical and even exotic oriental. These fabrics are a perfect match for plant-based environments with leaf, branch or flower designs, a natural combo.

Forest landscapes, the countryside or tropical scenes are a source of inspiration for these fabrics in which birds such as hummingbirds stroll among the branches of a cherry tree.

Fabrics that can be used in curtains, lampshades, furniture or chair upholstery and even to make bedspreads or cushion covers.


Geometric Style: geometric patterns

Geometry has returned to interior design and decoration in a much more minimalist and stylised way. Geometric shapes and colours dress up every space giving it personality, and we are not just talking about stripes and squares but also triangles, trapezoids and other geometric shapes that add depth and movement.

A very simple way to introduce geometric textiles is through cushions or bed linen. Although for the more daring, a few curtains with this pattern would turn any living room into an ode to the 70s.

Geometric patterns are often associated with the Nordic style, and although they form a perfect tandem, this trend adapts to other decorative styles. With the vintage atmosphere it is capable of personalising rooms, with the industrial style it manages to ally itself with black and metallic tones and, in classic atmospheres, it breaks with the ‘aesthetically correct’ to modernise any room with its presence in textiles alone.


Plaid fabrics, geometric patterns, bold prints, warm or cool colours. There is no such thing as the perfect fabric, you just have to understand what is the ideal textile and style for your home, your project or what you want to design.

There are many ways to personalise your home with textiles, whether it’s with cushions, bedspreads, curtains or upholstering your sofa, chairs or armchairs. The important thing is to choose the right fabric for the right occasion, which is why you need to consider three things: the type of fabric, the print and the colour.

Whenever in doubt, look for natural fabrics such as cotton or linen, they will bring freshness, lightness and versatility.

In our fabric outlet you can find a wide variety of fabrics by the metre with different colours and prints.

Make up your mind and start changing your textiles!

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