Blue China White Rug by GAN Rugs

The white version of the Blue China rug, a design by GAN Rugs creative director Mapi Millet, that combines two very different textures and volumes. The large white areas are made using the hand-tufting technique, for a smoother, homogeneous and voluminous surface.

The blue areas, however, are made using an innovative take on chain-stitching, providing an embroidery-like texture.


  • Materials: 100% new wool
  • Dimensions: 225 x 225 cm
  • Color: Blue, White
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Estimated shipping time 3 to 8 days.
It is a rug with a round format and of large dimensions. The abstract pattern is made entirely by hand with 100% virgin wool. It is also available in yellow. Blue China White Rug. The spherical design bounces off corners and angles, adding a modern touch to your living spaces without losing the delicious warm sensation conveyed by this hand knotted rug. The rug comes in three colours. Combine them or select the rug that best suits you. At GAN, they have developed their own system to translate chain-stitching into a rug-making technique. First, they draw the design they want to embroider on a cloth, which is attached to a wooden frame. Using this as a reference, and with a special crochet needle, the pattern is embroidered by hand with great sharpness.

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