Mangas Original Campana mc3 Rug by GAN Rugs

Mangas Original Campana MC3 Rug, is one of the rugs from the Mangas Original collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola for GAN Rugs. Reminiscent of the seventies, its uniquely designed oval shaped tube, is ideal for placing in any area of the home.

Its black, white, blue and beige brown pastel colors make it adaptable to any modern space. It is a handmade rug with 100% virgin wool intricate point


  • Materials: 100% new wool
  • Color: Beige, Blue, Grey, Natural
  • Estimated Delivery Time: Estimated shipping time 3 to 8 days.
A beautul rug is essential in any place of your home when you want to give warmth, modernity, luxury and exclusivity. This is the most neutral option among the three Campana designs in the collection, with a predominance of earthy tones and neutral colors. Patricia Urquiola took as aesthetic reference the classic knitted wool sweater, to design a collection with lots of volume that could combine different textures. From there arose not only a whole line of rugs, inspired by the sweater’s sleeves, but also a series of poufs of original formats. Some rug models have a very elongated shape and large dimensions, others are of medium or small size. All of them can be combined as if they were modular pieces. In addition, they can also be hung on the wall as a tapestry, and in the case of larger pieces, some can cover part of the floor and the wall at the same time.

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