Tres Vegetal Yute Rug By Nanimarquina

Designed by Nani Marquina and Elisa Padrón, the Tres Vegetal Jute Rug is made of jute (65%), felt (23%) and New Zealand wool (12%). The technique used to make this rug is called Hand Loomed Dhurrie and allows the design of a flat structure formed from the intersection between the weft and the warp. Its peculiarity lies in the production of three independent pieces in which different fibers predominate. The proportion and combination of wool, felt and cotton generate changes in tone and irregularities in the weft.

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  • Color: Brown, Cream
  • Material: (65%) Jute (23%) Felt l (12%).New Zealand Wool
"The Tres Vegetal Jute Rug belongs to the TRES VEGETAL collection by Nanimarquina. A collection that reflects Nanimarquina's passion for craftsmanship and pays tribute, more specifically, to the millenary trade of weaving. Through the collection, a return to the basics is claimed , appreciate the beauty in the details and respect tradition. This collection pays homage to the Tres collection, incorporating the new Tres Vegetal model into the family, with a rustic and wild style thanks to the use of hemp. This hand-spun fiber is chosen because it is biodegradable, light as well as resistant but, above all, because it connects with the brand's passion for nature. The beauty of this flat-woven collection in India lies in the irregularities generated by the crossing of the fibers and their different thicknesses, but also in the shades of the beige, ivory or off-white fibres. It is a high-quality dhurrie made in India with wool from New Zealand, a flexible and 100% biodegradable material. These rugs will help you create cozy and comfortable environments. Tres captivates with its elemental and timeless design."

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