Colección pufs Pisa

Comfort and style: discover the new collection of poufs by GIRONES HOME

How to make your living room shine with these elegant and unique decorative pieces

Today we introduce you the New Collection of poufs by GIRONES HOME. A combination of style and comfort that will give your living room the final touch it needs.

GIRONES HOME has presented its new collection of poufs with a focus on simplicity and elegance. In this new collection the brand aims to make the transition to the contemporary world, presenting six models of poufs that can be combined with each other. 


These poufs have been designed and manufactured in Spain, based on the GIRONES HOME collection called PISA. A collection of neutral colors that evokes simplicity and elegance. 

The collection was born under the name contemporary classics, in reference to the beauty of the classics. The poufs are made with upholstery fabrics, a very versatile and full-bodied fabric with a pleasant touch and great resistance. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors as their upholstered covering made of polyester and acrylic provides strength and durability.

Why are poufs the key piece of this season?

Functional and with their own style, poufs have become the star element of this season. These decorative pieces are here to stay and are able to give the final touch to any space, being able to turn an atmosphere into a warm and cozy place.

The poufs of GIRONES HOME will become the best partner to complete the decoration of your home, providing a touch of design and comfort. Our poufs are not only decorative but also functional and practical. Its finish with polyurethane foam (PU) provides extra comfort and a comfortable feel. 

With the contemporary classics collection, GIRONES HOME tries to make the poufs fit into any type of home. With their classic and sober design, they adapt perfectly to different decorative styles, making them very versatile decorative pieces.

The collection is designed to use the poufs both individually and in combination with each other. The colors follow a neutral line inspired by the basics, in order to create warm, peaceful and elegant atmospheres.

For its decorative qualities, the limited space they need and their versatility, you won’t be able to refuse this collection of beautiful poufs. Style and comfort are combined in this collection to give a touch of elegance to your home.

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