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Liven up your home with Kilim Rug

In the first post of our new decorating blog, we are going to talk about Kilim rugs by GAN
(also known as GANDIA BLASCO), prestigious furniture and interior decoration modern Spanish triumphs worldwide

GAN is characterized by manufacturing its products by hand, hand-made piece by piece to the highest cualitys in the market.

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The Kilim technique has been in use for centuries in Eastern countries and is characterized by having no hair, when you pass your hand on a  KILIM rug, you realize that is a rug of tissue  hairless. Another notable features is to have well defined colors due to   its shape handmade loom knotless composed of 100% natural wool
The color of this wool is obtained from plants and minerals that contribute to give natural colors and give as precious designs proved ideal for any home.

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Its shape is usually rectangular but GAN dares to do anything, showing their creativity and elegance in the design of the rug alfombra SEAL ALFOMBRA AMARILLO and HEXA ALFOMBRA NARANJA where we see an asymmetrical geometric design or hexagon shaped ideal way to make a difference in any livingroom or office

One of the great advantages that give the Kilim is that some designs are reversible and can be rotated depending on the season and the touch that we want for  our favorite room

We invite you to discover this magnificent collection in our online shop where you can find the entire collection of GAN and its elegant designs ideal for conventional home and minimalist environments.


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