How Nanimarquina integrates its
passion for rugs and its social
responsibility into its collections

The well-known rug brand is involved in the maufacture of environmentally friendly products with the intention of making a positive impact on the environment

Nanimarquina is a brand that has been collaborating with international designers for 30
years with the purpose of creating unique rugs for each person, for each space and for each

Throughout its history it has been concerned with creating collections made from natural
materials and vegetable fibers such as 100% recycled PET, which is used in its Outdoor

Shade Outdoor Palette 1 Rug by Nanimarquina

The brand ensures that the entire rug manufacturing process is as environmentally friendly
as possible. From the choice of materials, processes and techniques to the actual making of
the rug.

According to its designer, Nani Marquina, the challenge is to recover all the fibers that are
wasted during the carpet manufacturing process: “Instead of burning or throwing away all
those kilos of wool fibers of different colors, thicknesses and qualities, we work on them to
reconvert them into new carpets,” she says in an interview with La Vanguardia.

In addition, Nanimarquina joined with Indian biochemist Charmaine F. Sharma in 2013 to
support the fight against environmental degradation. Since then, it has been working with
Eco-sheen & Jutex, biodegradable and chemical-free products that it has incorporated into
the manufacturing process of its carpets.

With all these advances, Nanimarquina is committed to artisan work and the development of
the local economy by designing long-lasting carpets that do not participate in the
consumerist process of using and throwing away.

– HAYON x NANI Collection: made in New Zealand wool, a 100% biodegradable fiber.

Hayon x Nani Rectangular Rug by Nanimarquina

We care about people

The entire process of making and production of Nanimarquina rugs is done in India, Pakistan
and Nepal, for this reason the brand develops strategies with the objective of improving the
quality of life of expert artisans.

For years, Nanimarquina has been working with Care & Fair (Education and Health for
Carpet Knotting Families) association, which fights against child labor and improves the
working conditions of families working in rugs manufacture in India and Pakistan.

The foundation ensures that the children of these families have access to education.
Through the eyes of the children, Nani Marquina designed the Kala collection that unites
Indian culture and design as it was created from original drawings of the children who are
part of the foundation.

The collection donates €150 for each rug sold to fund the Amita school in Bhadohi, managed
by the same organization. In this way, it is committed to bringing together Indian culture and
design through the eyes of children.

Kala rectangular rug by Nanimarquina


Nanimarquina develops a sustainability strategy where it shows total transparency. It
ensures that the treatment with the people who are part of the brand and the use of
materials, processes and techniques is carried out in a respectful way, being aware of its
own social responsibility.

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