Get your home ready for autumn: earth tones and warmth

Discover our most autumnal textiles and turn your home into a cosy haven.

Autumn is here, the sun’s rays are becoming less intense and the days are getting shorter, which means that summer is coming to an end and we are getting ready for the arrival of the cold weather. If you are a decoration lover you can get inspired with our selection of warmer products and textiles, fill your home with the latest trends of this season!

We want you to know what are these trends that have already been with us in other seasons and other new ones that are trying to make a place for themselves in your home. Shall we start?

Earth tones and warmth

If there is one colour range that manages to create cosy spaces and never goes out of fashion, it is earth tones. A colour palette that ranges from the lightest beige to intense chocolate, passing through sand, ochre and orange tones. 

Bring the colours and tones of your home into a more autumnal atmosphere and turn your home into a haven where you can feel safe and secure. Neutral and earth tones will help you gain calm and warmth in your home.

A colour trend that joins the earth tones of this autumn 2022 are the vibrant colours that Pantone has declared as this season’s trend. Bold shades that contrast our desire for calm and serenity with the energy and vitality of our everyday lives.

Decorate your home with earth-coloured textiles

This autumn, earth tones will become the perfect choice for decorating your home. Colours that fit perfectly in any room and with any style, from nordic to the most modern. 

Fill every space with these wonderful colours that evoke nature, serenity and calm. We help you choose one for each room. 

A beautiful and practical kitchen

The kitchen, the heart of many homes, the place where we prepare breakfast, have lunch with the family or dinner with friends. We all want our kitchen to be practical but also beautiful. 

If you want your kitchen to breathe personality and tranquillity, the Cream Sateen colour will be your best ally. A light beige tone that combined with white will give your kitchen luminosity. You will manage to create a natural and cosy space where you will feel at ease. 

Regardless of the style of your kitchen, you can bring this naturalness with textiles. An oilcloth tablecloth will be ideal for your kitchen table and will become the best way to share breakfasts, lunches and dinners with your family and friends. 


– A bright dining room

Who said that the dining room is the lifeless place in the house? Take advantage of its potential and create an atmosphere full of light and clarity. Start the change with the tablecloth and choose a large cotton tablecloth that covers the whole table, this will make the room look much more elegant. 

A colour that will give a lot of light to your dining room is Perled Ivory, which, as its name suggests, evokes the beautiful colour of pearls and ivory. If, in addition to this beautiful and elegant colour, we add the touch of texture provided by a jacquard fabric, we will have a tablecloth worthy of any restaurant. We are talking about our Ikat Jeffy Stone tablecloth

Leaving aside the style of your dining room, this tonality in your table textiles will turn the room into your zone of calm and tranquillity. And if you combine it with other warm neutrals such as brown, toasted or beige, it will be a real hit. 


– A warm and cosy living room

When autumn arrives and the days become shorter, we all feel like lying down on our sofa with soft and fluffy cushions. We want your living room this season to invite you to long evenings with a movie and a blanket, so we suggest you change your summer textiles for softer and warmer ones.

With something as simple as changing your cushion covers, you can bring autumn into your living room. This season’s star shade is Pale Taupe, a vibrant shade of brown that will easily blend in with the rest of the colours in your living room, light and dark. 

A trend that joins the change of look of our living room is the bouclé or sheepskin fabric, which in these designer poufs from our Roma Collection, will bring the final touch of warmth to your living room. 


Anna Ticking Herb cushion cover
Dragonfly Sabena Cream cushion cover
Atmosphere Pheasant cushion cover
Roma Wool Pouf
Roma Linen Pouf

– A relaxing and modern bedroom

Creating a bedroom with a lot of personality and earthy tones is possible. If you are bored with light tones and nuclear whites, your definitive colour is Saturn Grey, a mixture of grey and beige that stands out for its elegance and sobriety.

This colour is perfect if you want to create an oasis in your bedroom and give prominence to the bed. If you use these tones in the textiles of your bed you will get a sense of depth and tranquility. Our Nirvana Collection is a clear example of how dark earthy colours add a touch of elegance to any bed. 

It is very important that in a bedroom where you are using dark textiles you create contrast with some lighter elements. Curtains can play an important role here, our choice in this case is the natural curtain from the GoGreen Collection. A translucent curtain with a lot of drape that will give your room a very natural finish. 

Another element that is not only on trend but also very practical are the poufs. You can combine two poufs from our Pisa Collection: grey and sand. 

You will achieve a room with textures, lights and shadows that will appear with the different points of illumination.


– A fun and friendly kids’ room

Earth tones are ideal for creating pleasant atmospheres, such as the children’s room at home. If we add a pastel touch to these light tones, we have one of the most used earth colours in children’s rooms, Pastel Peace Yellow. A yellow tone that, as its name suggests, evokes peace and tranquillity

A very cool way to decorate children’s rooms is to play with patterns and shapes. For example, you can make a combination of three cushions like the one shown in the following image. We can assure you that animal-shaped cushions are a firm favourite with all children, so let them experiment by creating their own combination.

In the end, the important thing is that you can create a space where your kids can have fun during the day and dream at night


If you want your home to breathe the essence of autumn, don’t forget the tips we’ve given you today. With a few simple accessories and textiles you can turn every room in your home into a safe and cosy place. 

Remember that every room in the house has different functions, so keep in mind which colours go best with which room. Did you know that colour psychology says that choosing earthy colours for your home means that you are a down-to-earth person who values stability and simplicity?

This autumn don’t forget the trends and make your home the most serene, relaxing and welcoming place. We’ve been looking forward to your return… autumn.

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