The art of traditional Kilim rugs by Gan Rugs

With its endless forms and lively colours, the original kilims keep growing in decor world

Kilim rugs have become increasingly popular and have arrived to stay. However, these rugs
aren’t a simple decoration element; they also represent great historical value with many
years old.

Kilims are unique pieces, with their own style and designed with geometric patterns and vivid
colours. The boom of this type of rugs in decor has caused them to reach a high level in the
design world and to get a status of their own as decorative pieces.

Kilim Collection by Gan Rugs – GIRONES HOME

Gan Rugs no se queda atrás y apuesta por los kilims en sus diseños de alfombras. Desde GIRONES HOME queremos ofrecer esa dosis de exclusividad que llevan por nombre los kilims,

Gan Rugs focuses on kilims in their rug designs. From GIRONES HOME we want to offer
you that dose of exclusivity, because of that we offer you a selection of kilim collections by
Gan Rugs.

Kilim collection

Due to their diversity of shapes and colours, kilim rugs are easy to combine. The brand has
created collections together with prestigious designers like Charlotte Lancelot, Sandra
Figuerola or Javier Tortosa. And also has collaborated with recognized design studios like
Front, Odosdesign and Enblanc.

Craftwork and design join to redefine habitability concept and to create kilim rugs collections:

  • DIAMOND Collection, outdoor kilims made from 100% recycled PET. The result
    offers fascinating visual effects of translucent geometric figures.
  • NDEBELE Collection, a tribute to female african art. The Ndebele kilims of ethnic style and bright colours represent the culture of the African Ndebele people, knownfor their colorful facades traditionally painted by women.
  • PARQUET, HEXA, MOSAIEK y LIMA Collections, colours and geometric patterns represented in kilims that follow GAN’s philosophy of integrating traditional and new elements in the same space.
  • RODAS, CATANIA y SIOUX Collections, universal patterns based on history and ancestral craftsmanship. Simple lines combined with a subtle colour palette providing lightness and warmth.
  • DUNA Collection, an ode to the Mediterranean with neutral colours. This combination is an homage to the Mediterranean sun that brings together all the cities in the region; it evokes the traditional Arab kilims and even the desert dunes.
  • TASILI Collection, a pattern that evokes lost civilizations designed with intense colours like black and red.

All these rugs are made in India by expert crafters who work with the fibers by hand. The
kilims are the result of Gan’s premise: the value of handmade objects created steadily, piece
by piece.

The difference between traditional carpets and kilims resides in the manufacturing process.
The kilims are made by hand and with the help of looms. This ancestral technique uses a
skeleton formed by vertical threads (warp) that are fixed with horizontal threads (weft),
resulting in a unique piece that does not require knotting like conventional carpets.

Aesthetic strength rugs

These rugs are light and fresh pieces that are almost instantly recognizable, capable of
transforming any space into a true representation of design.

In GIRONES HOME we offer you these collections of kilim rugs, with a modern and daring
aesthetic, perfect for creating authentic atmospheres in any corner of your home. Warm
spaces, with natural materials and handcrafted accents.

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